Other assorted works

Here are some of the other articles I have written in recent years.

The Washington Post
Trump risks ‘lasting damage’ if U.S. pulls out of Paris climate agreement
Industry group tries to drop out of children’s climate lawsuit
Top questions and answers now that the U.S. has decided to leave the Paris climate accord
Michael Bloomberg’s millions can’t compensate for Trump’s climate policies
If you thought getting Mexico to pay for the wall couldn’t get weirder, you were wrong
What Mark Zuckerberg was doing in the middle of North Dakota
Why Macron might be best bet to bring U.S. back to Paris climate deal
Electric cars are taking off. What’s the problem with an electric pickup truck?
General Motors, Disney, Shell and 1,200 other companies are taking steps to fight climate change, report says
The sharing economy helps fight climate change (but not as much as you think)

National Geographic
Ancient Chronicles Show Modern Demise of Snub-Nosed Monkeys

Industrial Whaling of the 20th Century Was Worse Than We Thought
A Panic Room for Corals

The U.S. forced Bikini Islanders to deal with nuclear tests and climate change. Now, it’s walking away.
Coal climbs back into the conversation at U.N. climate talks
Agriculture is a big climate problem. Now farmers are sharing solutions.

Atlas Obscura
Syrian Refugees Are Learning Stonemasonry to Rebuild Their Country​

Oceans Deeply
The Shark Scientists Opposed to a U.S. Ban on the Shark Fin Trade

DeSmog UK
Prison, Hotel, Storage Depot? What To Do With an Abandoned North Sea Oilfield
BP’s Basra Operations Praised by British Ambassador Prior to Fatal Civil Unrest
North East England Faces Threat of Yet Another New Opencast Coal Mine

Carbon Pulse
Carbon Climax: Crusade to extend California cap-and-trade coming to a head