Here are some of the magazine features and longer articles that I have written.

Earth Island Journal // What’s Killing the Pink River Dolphin?
In this 4,000-word feature, I look at the frankly messy world of dolphin conservation. As the enchanting boto face death at the hands of fishermen across Brazil, two leading scientists have become embroiled in a bitter argument about the decline of the species. This feature appeared in the Spring 2019 magazine.

The Progressive // Getting Back To The Garden
This is a profile of Otis Green, a gardener in one of the most dangerous areas of Chicago. Otis died in 2018. It is about how plants can change lives; and about how they cannot.

Geographical Magazine // Beneath the Canopy
In 2017, I went to the Amazon, where I discovered that scientists had embarked upon a cool project to record and film the Amazon rainforest in real time. It’s not online, but you can download the PDF below.

Pacific Standard // How Communities in the U.K. Are Taking On Fracking
In 2018, I spent a couple of days with communities in Lancashire who had spent more than a year standing at the side of a busy road, holding vigil by the site of a proposed fracking development. This article explores how the idea of democracy is at the centre of their opposition.

DeSmog // The West Cumbrian Ex-Mining Community Where Coal is Making a Comeback
In the West of England, a new coal mine was being planned, and no one was paying any attention. I visited the community on the front lines to find out what they thought.