Carbon Brief & Climate Home

My first job as a journalist was as a reporter for Climate Home (then called Responding to Climate Change). I worked here from 2013 to 2015. After that, I worked for Carbon Brief, until 2017. Here are some pieces from that period.

Carbon Brief

Anthropocene: The journey to a new geological epoch
Analysis: The legacy of the Fukushima nuclear disaster
Aliso Canyon: How bad is the California gas leak disaster?
Interactive: The Paris Agreement on climate change
Analysis: Developing countries need $3.5 trillion* to implement climate pledges by 2030
New nuclear: Finland’s cautionary tale for the UK
Analysis: How much does the UK spend abroad on ‘climate finance’?
In-depth: the science behind the papal encyclical
Are National Trust libraries at risk from climate change?

The entirety of my work at Carbon Brief can be read at my author page.

Climate Home

Given that I wrote approximately 500 articles in the 19 months I worked for Climate Home, it’s hard to pick a favourite (or even remember what I wrote). Here are the four stories that the Guardian republished in that time through their Environment Network. The full set can be read here, for anyone interested in watching me learn journalism in real time.

Warsaw climate talks: nearly 3 in 10 countries not sending ministers
Coal industry accuses UN climate chief of ‘ignoring reality’
Climate consensus: scientists and sceptics suspend hostilities
World’s coral reefs face major bleaching event this year, US agency warns