Field trips

I believe the best journalism arises when you’re there to tell the story in person.

I’ve reported from the Brazilian Amazon and some of Chicago’s most deprived communities. I’ve spent time among anti-fracking activists in Lancashire, and at UN climate conferences in Warsaw, Lima, Paris, Morocco and Katowice.

Here are some of my reporting highlights from those trips.


In 2017, I went to the Amazon to report on the connections between communities, scientists and wildlife in a part of the rainforest called the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve.

Earth Island Journal // What’s Killing the Pink River Dolphin?
Geographical Magazine // Beneath The Canopy (PDF)
The Guardian // How drones are being used to protect the Amazon’s dolphins
Earther // Meet the scientists fighting to keep Amazonian manatees afloat
Saveur // Solar-powered ice makers are changing how this Amazon fishing community makes a living
Sierra Magazine // Saving the Amazon’s Paca


In 2018, I spent some time among the communities protesting against fracking in the UK.

Pacific Standard // How communities in the UK are taking on fracking
DeSmog UK // Lancashire Campaigners Made to Wait One More Day for Fracking Fate
DeSmog UK // Lancashire Protestors Vow to Continue as Cuadrilla Get Fracking Go-Ahead

United Nations

I’ve reported on a lot of UN climate meetings, known as COPs. These have taken me to Warsaw, Bonn, Lima, Paris, Marrakech, and Katowice. Here are some highlights from those trips.

COP19: Warsaw
Climate Home // Polish COP19 Presidency accused of putting coal over climate
Climate Home // Japan set to stun UN talks by scrapping climate target

COP20: Lima
Climate Home // US denies backtracking on climate change goals
Climate Home // Green Climate Fund to start funding projects in 2015

COP21: Paris
Carbon Brief // Interactive: The Paris Agreement on climate change
Carbon Brief // Analysis: The final Paris climate deal
Carbon Brief // Paris 2015: What do the negotiating alliances want?
Carbon Brief // Explainer: the ‘ratchet mechanism’ within the Paris climate deal
Carbon Brief // Interactive: the UNFCCC negotiating alliances

COP22: Marrakech
Fewer articles from this COP, on account of passing out in the street, getting rescued by a couple of models on holiday to celebrate their recent engagement, and spending several nights in a Marrakech hospital getting all kinds of brain scans. In between all that, I did manage to publish this:

Carbon Brief // COP22: Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Marrakech

COP23: Bonn
Went to the Amazon instead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

COP24: Katowice
Pacific Standard // Climate finance increased after the Paris Agreement
Pacific Standard // New UN guidelines will help people displaced by climate change
Grist // Agriculture is a big climate problem. Now farmers are sharing solutions.
Grist // Coal climbs back into the conversation at U.N. climate talks
Earther // The Unbearable Maleness of the UN Climate Talks
DeSmog UK // ‘Green is Great’: Coal, Oil, and Greenwash at the UN Climate Talks
DeSmog UK // Rename Coal to Save It, Suggests UN Climate Talks Sponsor